Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Walk Wit A Dip' A Monthly Bondfire Show!

Friday, August 28, 2009


I've added something new to my onstage wardrobe. Gloves.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The BrOOklyn DÜtes & Coole High Join Me On Stage For An Invasion At The BPC

My creation The BrOOklyn DÜtes was given free reign over June's monthly Bondfire that celebrated those creatures that even a villain must appreciate, 'Women'. A beautiful all female line-up of entertainers. XX.

On stage with me. The BrOOklyn DÜtes & Coole High.

The villain is very proud of her work that night. The BrOOklyn DÜtes will be seen and heard more often. There are many capers on the horizon.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Naked Juice Bare Breeze: Watermelon Chill

The Villain refuses to pay inflated prices in Bronx stores late night for this 'Naked Juice Bare Breeze: Watermelon Chill' drink. $3.50 a bottle is definitely not appropriate pricing. This is exactly why I smite so many. Surely not even, 'Whole Foods' would charge as much in the city. The hell with these 'hood' prices. At some point I will indeed partake in the tasting of this new concoction. Until then I'll just drink water even though there's tax on it. Meh...

Monday, May 4, 2009


SuperKing Armor, Why G & The Bronx Über Villain

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lokey Caught Me, Slippin...

Actually, I kind of like this foto. Since I do I shall not, smite Lokey.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Next Monthly Bondfire Is Approaching, Tuesday April 28th 10PM @ The Bowery Poetry Club

Listen to this blog posting...

I'm contemplating the execution of this next venue caper. Thinking about the possibility of recruit ment of the two concert headliners I have invited to grace the stage. It would be a serious power move on my part if I could convert these heros into villains, instead of having to do battle with them. We have underground hiphop legend Breez Evahflowin and artistprenuer Creature with his band Rebelmatic making their first performance together again since he returned from Russia. I've also enlisted a resident live artist, the awesome Marthalica to add some necessary estrogen and color to the evening... I advise you be in attendance. That is all, for now. The Villain has spoken.

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain
Sounds by DJ Ready Cee
Photography by Techie NYC
Resident Live Artist Marthalicia

Cover $5 after 11:30 $10 ( Free Hiphop Now Blog subscribers get in for $5 all night. Just mention you're a subscriber at the door).

Door opens at 10PM (Open Mic Sign Up at 10PM. Limited list. Be on time!)
Bondfire Mic's Open Show begins at 10:30 -11:30
Bondfire Concert Series Begins at 11:45

"Being plastered all over the cover of entertainment magazines generally has no bearing on whether or not the artists pictured, actually live up to what the articles inside them mention..."

Bondfire: Mic's Open Show 10:30 -11:30pm

Think MTV Unplugged, Def Poetry/Comedy Jam & SNL. Then stop, thinking that. During Bondfire: Mic's Open Show, open mic participants are guest of the host, 'The Bronx Über Villain'. Like medieval times where kings were entertained by the likes of jesters and musicians, performers do the same for the audience as well as , 'The Bronx Über Villain'. Each performance concludes with a mostly humorous comment from the host. The official show once edited for television and dvd will have a mix of the most outstanding open mic performances and out takes, live performances from the Bondfire: Concert Series, video interviews with various artists, comedy sketches and special ‘The Bronx Über Villain' commentary.

Bondfire: Concert Series 11:30pm-until

People aren't too enthused these days with live shows. They never seem to start on time. Artists either cancel or show up and aren't that impressive when they do. New York is a great city that has a reputation for being the starting point, and place of discovery of some of the greatest musicians to ever do it. Bondfire: Concert Series is about regaining the confidence of music lovers and creating lasting memories. Simply having a wonderful time. We're saying, 'No To Mediocrity!'.

Brought to you by... I ARE Promo

If ‘Ushouldnoaboutit’ we’re talking about it. I Are Promo is more then your would be, run of the mill, email blast spewing, wanna be PR company. We deliver the goods on unique happenings on and off line and are devoted to issuing quality entertainment from our growing list of superb clients, not just any ol’ folks that can toss us a dollar for our extensive promotional campaign methods. We have the right to be selective, since we do all the work. I Are Promo seeks only to provide the world with interesting and valuable content.

Guaranteed, you won’t get any mind fluff from us. That’s for sure.

An Interview With Muffy

This villain was pleased to be presented with the opportunity to converse with a most beautiful damsel known as Muffy. We spoke briefly about her musical endeavors and discussed the possibility of collaborating on a caper. The Queen of Cupcakeopia has left a strong impression. Über she is.

First and foremost Muffy, I'd like to say thank you for taking time to converse with me. I know you're quite the busy woman so I will not take up too much of your time. Well, let's just get right to it then.

Muffy. Are you a villain like myself? HAhahahah I Might to sum People Be considered a villainess.. But that’s only becuz i am true to my heart.. and life as we know it. Some like to jail minds with the untruth.. And since i am a rebel against the untruth i would assume sum might say im a villainess.. (giggles) But only for good like Peter Pan.

How'd you get involved with a Dope Boi? For that matter, how'd you wind up falling in love with one? (Oh, how I wish I was a dope boi...) Well for me a "DOPe" boi is a boi who is FLy in his own right.. there is no real definition for his greatness but he shines from the inside out, most likely becuz his flyness comes from him being balanced with the Force.. (of the universe).. So his Dopeness Shows through his style.. but his style of what ever Goodness he is into.. Of course the typical meaning of a Dope Boy is one who Hustles.. But this song was written in the mind of appreciation of the boy who makes the Bass and Makes the Music Dope.. Of Course i Am in Love with him.. but not in the sense that you may think..(giggles) so you still have a chance at the Muffy's Love title.. But you must be a dope boi in your own right.. (giggles)

Where would you say you've enjoyed most performing? How long have you been doing this entertainment thing professionally? I enjoyed most performing at the Drunken Unicorn which is the back section of an Atlanta Local club called MJQ's.. I have happy memories their of progression and there i share the stage with many of my local peers acting also in the frequency of progression.. so thus far i've enjoyed that place alot.. At the being of the relationship i have with my manager Coach K.. that is the place where alot of my growth took place.. Musically Professionally for about 3 years.. or so.. but professionally progressing in the ENtertainment bizzness has been an ongoing process since highskool and even before Arguably so.. since i was born.. Spending many nights in the Studio.. under the Frequencies of elders like George Clinton and Areatha Franklin (and thats jus to name ppl you are familiar with) i have been in the midst of Entertainment's beauty since i was born.. My mom sang ( she sang back up for George) and my dad played the Bass (coincidence) and my God Dad was an musical Engineer and piano player.. NOne of which are famous in the mind that you or your reader might be familiar with.. but all of this ties into who i am today.

How'd you hook up with Bangladesh? What's it like working with'em? Well Coach k introduced me to him.. He drove me to his house where he has his own studio in the basement.. i Met Bangladesh for the 1st time in his basement... It was automatic Freshness.
He sent me home with a beat and the hook of dope boy.. and i went home and wrote the verses and bridge within 20 to 30 mins... it was easy maybe cuz i was excited to have been in the presence of such dopeness..
Working with him is wonderful becuz it is a living Picture of the Progression of music and the growth of the universal mind in which music lives.. working with him is like feeding water to a seed that you know will bloom into a beautiful strong but delicate gardenia flower.. that I would wear in my hair like Billie holiday did back in the Day.. It feels like my connect to the whole of God.. Hahahaha (giggles) its wonderful to say the least..

You seem to enjoy Twittering quite a bit Muff. How has the use of this application as well as the various social networks we can find you on helped progress your musical endeavors? Well it allows me to reach so many ppl.. that i could not ever get to in one day.. i speak with ppl all over the USA and all over the world.. and its free.. for an artist on the come up with limited funds.. it is a blessed vehicle which i obviously overly take advantage of.. i love it.. thanx Twitter and myspace and face book.. Mwah Muffy Loves Yu

Would you be interested in joining me for an invasion in early summer? Location is still not squared away. WEll you would have to give me details on this invasion.. as long as it is for the Good and i am free i will be there to invade with you .. thanx for the invite.

You're quite diverse when it comes to musical styles you've delved into Muffy. How do you decide what your next move is going to be when creating? I let the Universe decide my every move.. and not jus in Music.. i move with the flow of the universal mind..

Define Cupcakeopia? its like Utopia and a sweet heart made it up and sent it to me on myspace way before Bangladesh or Coach k... its the same meaning of utopia with a lil Muffin energy in it. possessing a seemingly perfect socio-politico-legal system ( i got that from wikipedia) its a perfect place to be and to be free..

How do you prepare for performances? Well i try to relax most of off.. Meditate.. and spend alot of time in a warm and then cold shower.. and take a long walk in nature.. any thing that makes me free enough to be open to receiving the entertainment holy ghost Yah diggie Pop.

What is your main goal as an artist? Who do you really make music for? I wanna Make music for any one who wants to enjoy music.. I don’t mind who listens.. i would like to make money doing the things i love.. Entertainement and being creative.. so my goal is not as an artist but as a lifes journey.. i would like to project myself so that i am a living inspirational energy.. so that i will be equipt and ready for the next level of evolutions.. I jus wanna be a part of Free love.

Why go blonde? naw i didn’t go blond.. its a Weave.. my hair is Blue underneath ..I really love so many different types of hairs.. and styles.. as an artist i will not be defined by one hair style..but by the Creativity and the excitement of what i will have the nerve to express thru my hairstyles next.. But why Should any one go blond who isnt already.. becuz it is exhilarating and extra.. it assists you in feeling Free. becuz of the institutionalized symbolism behind the color blond hair has. BLONDs HAve More FUn.. they say.. Yes.. and even more fun then Blond is every color if YOU DAre.. Get it MUFFY LOVES YU..

Thanks for your time Muffy. I'll be watching you. I mean... watching out for you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dr. Lecter I Am Not...

Listen to this blog posting...

There are many villains about this globe. Surely I am not the only one. Though of course I am the greatest, I still applaud the grim efforts of my peers. With that said I must add that the good Dr. Lecter is quite the marvel of human control. God-like comes to mind. He definitely has a god complex indeed, which in fact leads him foolishly to believe that he has all right to 'eat' his adversaries. This villain must say no to such acts of cannibalism. Even still I respect Dr. Lecter as did Ishmeal his bedmate Queequeg, for his many redeeming attributes and find him to be a worthy competitor. But I am not Dr. Lecter! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Definition of 'villain'...

Coole High & The Bronx Über Villain 

Webster's Dictionary defines 'villain' as;

1 : an uncouth person
2 : a deliberate scoundrel or criminal
3 : a character in a story or play who opposes the hero
4 : one blamed for a particular evil or difficulty

I'd love for Webster to say these things to my face.

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