Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Next Monthly Bondfire Is Approaching, Tuesday April 28th 10PM @ The Bowery Poetry Club

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I'm contemplating the execution of this next venue caper. Thinking about the possibility of recruit ment of the two concert headliners I have invited to grace the stage. It would be a serious power move on my part if I could convert these heros into villains, instead of having to do battle with them. We have underground hiphop legend Breez Evahflowin and artistprenuer Creature with his band Rebelmatic making their first performance together again since he returned from Russia. I've also enlisted a resident live artist, the awesome Marthalica to add some necessary estrogen and color to the evening... I advise you be in attendance. That is all, for now. The Villain has spoken.

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain
Sounds by DJ Ready Cee
Photography by Techie NYC
Resident Live Artist Marthalicia

Cover $5 after 11:30 $10 ( Free Hiphop Now Blog subscribers get in for $5 all night. Just mention you're a subscriber at the door).

Door opens at 10PM (Open Mic Sign Up at 10PM. Limited list. Be on time!)
Bondfire Mic's Open Show begins at 10:30 -11:30
Bondfire Concert Series Begins at 11:45

"Being plastered all over the cover of entertainment magazines generally has no bearing on whether or not the artists pictured, actually live up to what the articles inside them mention..."

Bondfire: Mic's Open Show 10:30 -11:30pm

Think MTV Unplugged, Def Poetry/Comedy Jam & SNL. Then stop, thinking that. During Bondfire: Mic's Open Show, open mic participants are guest of the host, 'The Bronx Über Villain'. Like medieval times where kings were entertained by the likes of jesters and musicians, performers do the same for the audience as well as , 'The Bronx Über Villain'. Each performance concludes with a mostly humorous comment from the host. The official show once edited for television and dvd will have a mix of the most outstanding open mic performances and out takes, live performances from the Bondfire: Concert Series, video interviews with various artists, comedy sketches and special ‘The Bronx Über Villain' commentary.

Bondfire: Concert Series 11:30pm-until

People aren't too enthused these days with live shows. They never seem to start on time. Artists either cancel or show up and aren't that impressive when they do. New York is a great city that has a reputation for being the starting point, and place of discovery of some of the greatest musicians to ever do it. Bondfire: Concert Series is about regaining the confidence of music lovers and creating lasting memories. Simply having a wonderful time. We're saying, 'No To Mediocrity!'.

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  1. Its gona be AN AMAZING EVENT! Thank you br, for always reaching toe the best out of people! Blessings will always follow you!


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